Commercial Lighting Maintenance

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Successful businesses always need to find measures to reduce costs to enhance their profitablity. Maintenance and Energy costs will constantly increase, so to remain competitive a business must find solutions which can significantly reduce these costs.

Alpha Lighting can introduce long life and energy efficient commercial lighting solutions, to significantly reduce energy costs, maintenace costs and carbon footprint in line with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).

Energy efficient solutions can be funded via an interest free Carbon Trust Loan.

The latest products we have taken stock of are two ground breaking LED solutions. Both products will dramatically reduce a businesses overheads.

  • 2D 14w LED (30,000hrs) which offers instant light equivalent to a 2D 28w.
  • 600x600 26w LED modular panel offers H&S lux levels suitable for both office and classroom environment.

Alpha Lighting offer clients lighting design, lighting supply, lighting installation and lighting maintenance.

Alpha Lighting are dedicated to provide lighting products at a competitive price and installed with a professional service. With over 25 years experience and a network of contacts Alpha can offer nationwide the latest commercial lighting technological solutions to suit your environment.

Whether your site requires replacement lamps, a full re lamp or an energy efficient solution (possibly combined with the Carbon Trustloan). We have accounts with major commercial lights and lighting manufacturers so our lighting solution "cuts out the middleman" and reduces your costs.

If an energy efficient lighting solution is required we can provide payback schedules to work out exactly how much money you will save.  Schedules can be calculated for Retrofit Fluorescent, Low bay/ High bay conversions and Halogen to LED.

The main advantage is that many of the energy efficient commercial lights and lighting solutions we offer do not require new fittings, this minimizes purchase cost, installation costs and disposal costs.

Alpha Lighting cover all of the North East of England including Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington, Leeds, Middlesbrough and York. For any information please contact us.